Rivka.jpg Rivka Goldschmidt - Director
Rivka is passionate about education. She has a great love and understanding of children and has served as Director of Gan Menachem for the past seven years. She is a graduate of the Beth Rivka Teachers Academy in Israel and has been involved in educating ever since.
yocheved.jpg Yocheved Remer 2's
Yocheved loves children and it is so obvious from the moment you meet her. Her kind and soft way with the children is heartwarming to see. Yocheved has been involved with ECE for several years and has served in that capacity at the Emek School in California. She graduated from ORT in Chicago.

Zahava Edery 3's
Zahava has recently joined the staff at Gan Menachem from Chicago. She has much experience teaching in a preschool classroom. She is warm and funny and the children love her.

 Menucha-Rodin.png Menucha Rodin
Specialty Teachers
photo_coming_soon.jpg Karen Van Crevald - Ballet
Karen has been teaching ballet at GM for two years. Her love of kids is so sweet to observe. She teaches the children beautiful form and grace. She graduated from
leeat.jpg Maayan Naim
Maayan joins us as an afternoon teacher who specializes in teaching the Hebrew Language. Through music, song and art Maayan instills in the children a love for the Hebrew Language. Maayan has years of experience working with kids and loves to teach.